IUP Self-Study Team Gears Up for Campus-wide Survey

Posted on 8/29/2014 2:45:50 PM

The team charged with leading the university’s self-study for reaccreditation is preparing a campus-wide survey. The team will coordinate questions being developed by seven subcommittees between now and the end of September 2014.

Assisting in the survey design will be Paul Hawkins, a doctoral student in IUP’s Department of Criminology. “We are thrilled that Paul has taken on this project,” said Laura Delbrugge and Hilliary Creely, steering committee co-chairs. “Paul has worked in the Applied Research Lab and brings a lot of technical expertise to our project,” they added. Hawkins will meet with each of the subcommittees. The steering committee will finalize the design and distribute the survey in October 2014.

Results from the planned survey, along with other reports, surveys, and documents, will be used by the subcommittees to draft chapter outlines, due in December. During the spring semester, the steering committee will review the reports and develop recommendations. A draft of the final report, including recommendations, will be completed in summer 2015 by Ben Rafoth, the faculty writer and a member of the steering committee.

In fall 2015, the draft report and recommendations will be shared with the university community for discussion and comment. Middle States’ external evaluators will visit in spring 2016.    

Barbe Moore, the director of Planning and Assessment for IUP, has been organizing data to be used by the subcommittees for more than a year.

“Administration, faculty, staff, and student leaders have been involved in both reaccreditation and strategic planning, guided by the president’s vision for IUP. We have an opportunity here to make the most of this confluence of events,” said Timothy Moerland, IUP provost and vice president for Academic Affairs.

One hundred sixty faculty, students, and staff members serve on the self-study’s subcommittees.

The comprehensive self-study process for Middle States reaccreditation occurs every 10 years. The last self-study was completed in 2005, resulting in reaccreditation and broad accolades for IUP from the external evaluators. The design proposal for the current self-study, submitted in the spring, was praised by Middle States officials for its inclusiveness, progress, and use of technology.

Three intended outcomes for the 2015 self-study were approved, along with the rest of the design proposal, by Middle States in the spring:

  1. Affirm that IUP is well-positioned to continue to fulfill its mission with respect to the 14 Middle States Standards of Excellence.
  2. Capitalize on the overlapping efforts of university visioning, strategic planning, and Middle States self-study to inform IUP’s decision-making processes and to identify IUP-specific opportunities and challenges, including budget and enrollment.
  3. Discover and document our current assessment practices to identify shortcomings and opportunities and to make recommendations for continuous improvement of IUP’s assessment practices.

More information about the university’s self study may be found on the IUP Middle States Accreditation website.