249th American Chemical Society National Meeting to be Held in Denver

Posted on 8/29/2014 11:48:02 AM

Plan a trip to the spring national meeting of the American Chemical Society today! The spring 2015 ACS meeting, to be held in Denver next March (22–26), will showcase the Chemistry of Natural Resources: Their Extraction, Refining, and Conservation; a theme that resonates well with the history, biology, and geology of the Mile-High City.

ACS LogoThe plenary session, in the afternoon of Sunday, March 22, will inaugurate the theme with three invited lectures:

Carolyn Koh (Colorado School of Mines) will discuss the fundamentals of gas hydrates and their role in energy transportation and storage.

Paul Bryan (formerly the manager of the Biomass program at DOE) will discuss current challenges and future opportunities for renewable fuels.

Peter Kareiva (chief scientist of the Nature Conservancy) will discuss “Water in the Anthropocene: Too Much, Too Little, Too Dirty.”

The afternoon of Monday, March 23, will see the Kavli Foundation Chemistry Lecture by an emerging leader and the Fred Kavli Innovations in Chemistry Lecture by Laura Kiessling (University of Wisconsin–Madison).

Professor Kiessling will present “Us Versus Them: Distinguishing Humans from Microbes with Carbohydrates,” which will focus on how the features of carbohydrates on the cell surfaces differ between mammals and microbes, and how those differences are important for understanding microbial infections and to devise new kinds anti-microbial strategies.

Abstract submission is now open. The technical program is currently being constructed by the ACS divisions to include both topical sessions as well as symposium honoring the winners of ACS awards. In addition, thematic symposia have already been planned by ANYL, CATL, CINF, COLL, COMP, ENFL and HIST, MEDI, and PHYS.

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