Weinstein and Park Publish on Learning Spaces for Experiential and Transactional Reflection

Posted on 8/25/2014 10:16:35 AM

Professors Daniel Weinstein and Gloria Park’s article, “Helping Students Connect: Architecting Learning Spaces for Experiential and Transactional Reflection,” will be published in volume 4, issue 3 of the Journal of Pedagogic Development in November 2014.

The article describes the work Weinstein and Park have done to bring the best of their own educational experiences to their teaching and to develop learning spaces that support learning that is continuous, situated, and personal. Specifically, in the article they critique ways in which learning has been removed from individual life contexts and how, by reconceiving learning spaces as places where individual learners find personal relevance in what and how they learn, teachers may bring life to learning and learning to life.  

The Journal of Pedagogic Development can be read online.

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