Lauber Does Radio Interview About Parenting Article

Posted on 8/25/2014 9:06:43 AM

Erick Lauber, applied psychologist and Journalism faculty member, was recently interviewed on the Lon Woodbury Reports radio show, a syndicated radio program carried by several podcasts and websites, including Scoop.It.  

The show was the result of an article published by Lauber on parenting in a west coast magazine. The article asks “When are you done parenting?” and answers the question by considering the concept of “well-being.” Researched by the Gallup organization for over a decade, the concept of well-being allows each of us to take stock of our lives and consider whether we're being healthy and successful in all areas of our life. Applied to parenting, it allows parents of teens to look toward the “end game” of their activities and guides their decision making over the last few years of at-home parenting.

The podcast is available on iTunes and iHeart Radio Network. It is also at the Struggling Teens website and Scoop.It’s principle website

Lauber has published over 70 articles in national magazines and journals in the past year, always in the area of self-help or applied psychology, but most often on the topic of leadership.  

He is currently director of Leadership Training and Research for the MARTI institute and a faculty member for the Leadership Development Living and Learning Community in the Suites on Pratt.  

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