Hibsman Explores Enhancing Virtual Group Engagement and Collaboration

Posted on 7/28/2014 1:49:51 PM

An article by Tim Hibsmans (co-authored with Lydia Rose, Kent State), “Lurking, Spying, and Policing: Practical Strategies to Enhancing Engagement and Collaboration in Virtual Group Work,” was published in the 2014 AURCO Journal, produced by the Association for University Regional Campuses of Ohio.


This paper explores and describes the practical strategies to enhance community and collaboration in the online classroom. While the practice of having students work in teams and groups in the on-site, face-to-face environment is well utilized and the strategies to overcome the issues of social loafing and communication among group and team members is well documented, the practical strategies for the online environment are not. The subtle revolution that is moving more and more classes to the online environment is creating an opportunity to re-categorize online classes out of the “distance learning category” and into the “university proper” category. However, for that to fully materialize, online classes must be a proper course with its own practical strategies in teaching and learning. The techniques of lurking, spying, and policing online collaboration within groups and teams is described and explored.

Department of English