IUP Teams with International Ocean Discovery Program to Offer On-Campus School of Rock

Posted on 7/14/2014 9:43:26 AM

The International Ocean Discovery Program, the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, and IUP Geoscience faculty offered a unique, immersive course focused on how seafloor sediments and rocks are collected and analyzed to understand important Earth history questions.

Deep sea cores were shipped to campus and used to inform about sedimentation, global change, and geological hazards. Participants learned a range of techniques, practiced spatial learning, and connected basic scientific concepts to societal interests. 

Students investigating core samples during the School of Rock

Geoscience Department professors Jon Lewis and Steve Hovan teamed with educational expert Jennifer Collins (from Ocean Leadership) to offer participants from all over the country a chance to learn about the significant discoveries made through the study of ocean sediments.

Immediately following the course, students and instructors shared their experiences and knowledge at a special Deep Blue event held on June 16 at the Carnegie Science Museum.

Department of Geoscience