Spring 2014 Civic Project Stories Published in the “HawkEye”

Posted on 6/13/2014 11:30:01 AM

The online newspaper the HawkEye has published a fresh batch of investigative stories reported by students in the Journalism Department’s News Reporting classes. The digital multimedia stories, featuring new Qualtrics-survey data, are the latest in an award-winning series of reports called the Civic Project for their focus on civic and community engagement, by both student reporters and citizens.

The latest stories include:

Fake IDs: High access, low risk at local bars

False identification is widely used to get into local bars, say IUP students and bar bouncers. But despite the evidence, citation and prosecution for the violation of state law are comparatively rare—and declining. By Lexa Smith.

IUPatty’s: A tale of conflicting campus cultures

The story of Khaliq Coleman, a football player for Indiana University of Pennsylvania, tells two different tales of undergraduate student life at the school. Plus, an opinion survey of IUP students adds new insights into IUPatty’s 2014, the student-sparked, alcohol-soaked annual off-campus revel. By Pete Sirianni and Michael Kiwak.

Faces of LGBT at IUP

Elaine Mendus, 23, a fifth-year geography major with a minor in Latin American studies and history at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, is a member of an undocumented minority at the school: She is transgender. Clayton Cummings, 20, a junior swimmer at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, is one of a few openly gay athletes in collegiate competition. LGBT students tell how they are treated by IUP and by the Indiana community. By Kelly Jacobson.

IUP students abandoning campus bookstore

Zachary Burke, 20, a junior safety-science major, is among 85 percent of IUP undergraduates who say they have “declined to buy a required textbook from the Co-op Store because of the price.” The finding was one result of an April 16–23 e-mail survey of a random sample of 1,500 students. By Collin Katarski.

Cramming for exams? Join the crowd

A month before IUP’s spring-semester exams were scheduled to start on May 6, student David Higgins knew what he would be doing on May 5, the eve of finals. It was something he rarely had done all semester: Study. When it comes to cramming, Higgins has a lot of company on campus, according to a survey of IUP student study habits. By Justin Gerwick.

For more information about the stories and the Civic Project, contact the Journalism Department, or contact David Loomis, PhD, editor of the series, at doloomis@iup.edu.