Geoscience Students Participate in IUP Undergraduate Scholars Forum

Posted on 5/9/2014 1:55:39 PM

Fifteen Geoscience students presented their undergraduate research projects at the ninth annual IUP Undergraduate Scholars Forum on April 1, 2014. Congratulations go to all of our students for representing the themselves and the department so well.

Congratulations also goes to Sage Wagner for taking home the third-place Sigma Xi Best Science Poster award.

Geoscience Participants (Award):

  • Tyler Allen : UpperCambrian Agnostoid Arthropods and conodonts from the Jones Ridge Limestone,eastern Alaska.
  • D. Jesse Carpinello: Models of Hypothetical Stream Contamination from Hydraulic Fracturing of the Marcellus Shale in Indiana County, Pennsylvania
  • Nicholas Gressang: Dissolved Material Flux into Yellow Creek Reservoir, Indiana County,Pennsylvania
  • Savannah Irwin: Utility and Significance of Newly Discovered Trilobite Faunas from theEl Paso Group in New Mexico and west Texas
  • Jerome Kay: ThermalMaturity Modeling of The Marcellus Shale: Impact of Variable GeothermalGradients on Estimates of Eroded Overburden
  • Thomas Paronish: Analysis of Field Based FaultKinematic and Structural Fabric Data from Southwestern Taiwan to DetermineStress Geometry During Early Mountain Building
  • Alexander Patterson: Environmental Site Assessment of the former Josephine Iron Works inIndiana County, Pennsylvania
  • Samantha Ritzer: Sediment Flux Over Time in California Rivers: Correlation withClimatic and Anthropogenic Events
  • Shannen Stiffler: Energy Consumption Analysis of Indiana University of Pennsylvania Residence Halls
  • Michael Stoehr : Three dimensional stream flow imaging of an EmRiver Em2 stream table with a Microsoft Kinect sensor
  • Zachary Tolbart : Trilobite Biostratigraphy Near theBase of the Proposed "Lawsonian Stage" Across Southern North America(Western Laurentia)
  • J. Sage Wagner: Morphometric Analysis for Characterizing Submarine Drainage Networks:East Scotian Slope Canyon System, Offshore Nova Scotia (Sigma Xi Best Science Poster, Third Place)
  • W. David Watkins: Potential causes for along-strike variability of slow slip events in south-central Alaska
  • Nicholas Zbur: Effectsof Dual-Phase Extraction on Benzene/MTBE Concentrations for a Site with aHistoric Underground Petroleum Release

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