Wissinger Publishes on Effects of Content Knowledge on High School Students’ Written Composition

Posted on 5/6/2014 12:58:56 PM

Daniel Wissinger, assistant professor in the Department of Special Education and Clinical Services, recently published an article in the Journal of Experimental Education.

The article, entitled “Effects of genre and content knowledge on historical thinking with academically diverse high school students,” was co-authored with Susan De La Paz from the University of Maryland.

De La Paz and Wissinger studied the effects of written genre (argument vs. summary) and level of content knowledge before instruction on students’ ability to write from primary historical documents. The research involved an experimental design, with 11th-grade history students randomly assigned to two writing conditions (argument vs. summary). The sample included students with disabilities in order to analyze how they performed compared to peers. 

The full text can be accessed here.

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