Psychology Honors Program Students Featured in Colloquium

Posted on 5/5/2014 7:16:41 AM

The Psychology Department conducted a colloquium to feature the research of honors program students on Monday, May 5, 2014, in Uhler Hall, Room 116. 

Students, times, and project titles are noted. 

Student Presenter Start Time Study Title
Geneva Yawger 9:40 Reducing prejudice: A study of the effects of I-sharing on out-group liking
Kelley Chilson 10:00 Math anxiety and mindful learning
Sarah Pritt 10:20 Math anxiety, science anxiety, and gender stereotypes in pre-service teachers
Laura Bennett 10:40 Adjustment to college life in students with symptoms of ADHD
Tess Kennedy 1:35 The effects of androstadienone and relationship status on female ratings of male attractiveness
Katie Stanko 1:55 Utilizing imagery to improve destination memory in younger and older adults
Ashley Harden 2:20 The "CSI Effect:" Does it influence jurors' perceived knowledge of forensic investigative techniques?
Kristen Swope 2:40 The effect of academic and clinical experience on gender bias in the diagnosis of Cluster B personality disorders
Ashley Ritter 3:05 Why women don't negotiate: Women's negotiation performance in reaction to instructional sets
Alexandra Weis 3:25 The Impact of Breast Cancer Charity Advertisements on Breast Cancer Attitudes
Sarah Tapling 3:45 Family and Social Support, Coping, and Adaptation in First Generation College Students
John Firth 4:05 Anxiety and Video Game Play’s Effects on Attention
Emily Salter 4:25 Social Influence: Do Deliberation Style and Issue Type Affect the Type of Social Influence Used During Jury Deliberation?
Halee Stroup 4:45 Improving Jurors’ Perceptions of Inaccurate Eyewitnesses:  Videotaped Line-up Procedures and Cross-Race Identification