Freshman Business Honors Program Participates in Leadership Event Hosted by ROTC

Posted on 4/30/2014 2:09:57 PM

Freshman Leadership with ROTCThe Eberly Business Honors Program Freshman Cohort learned leadership skills at a leadership event hosted by Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s ROTC on April 23, 2014.

The event began with dinner in Stephenson Hall, and was open to all students in the Eberly Business Honors program. This allowed students from all of the cohorts to mingle with one another and share their experiences from being in the program as well as any advice they may have for the younger cohorts. 

Business Honors seniors Jamie Czech and Ryan Egan shared their experiences in the Business Honors program with the younger cohorts. Among the topics they discussed were bonding within your cohort, leadership opportunities, and the India trip that all Business Honors program students have the opportunity to go on during their junior year. 

After dinner, freshman cohort students along with Dorothy Gracey, codirector of the Business Honors program, traveled to Pierce Hall for the remainder of the event. 

Army presenters Toby Angove and Glenn Sudol spoke to the students about leadership and how important leadership qualities are when running any chain of command, military or not. 

The students were then taught the ROTC’s eight-step process and the 1/3–2/3 rule, both of which would be needed to complete several tasks the ROTC presenters had planned for the students to attempt. 

Using only spaghetti sticks, mini marshmallows, and tape, the students’ first task was to build a tower as high as they possibly could with the amount of time they were given. The purpose of this task was to demonstrate to the students how crucial planning is to developing a final product. 

The next task, which took place outside, involved having the students carry different types of equipment up and down a hill, with a condition of not letting two members touch the ground at any time.

For the final task, students had to take equipment over a wall and a rope swing without letting certain equipment touch the ground.

Upon the completion of each task, the students participated in an “After-Action Review,” where the students could talk and give feedback on their team’s performance. 

The freshman found the advice very helpful, and the Army presenters were able to make the event a fun and exciting learning experience. 

“The program helped me realize that as a leader we can make rash decisions and not have the right plan set up before jumping in,” Katie Fox, a freshman cohort member, said. “The experience was really fun, and I would love to see future Business Honors students participate in it. Plus, I got my workout for the day!”

—Bethany Barefoot

Eberly College of Business and Information Technology