Farnsworth and Students Investigate California Rivers

Posted on 4/17/2014 8:07:49 AM

Katie Farnsworth, Department of Geoscience, co-led a field trip with colleagues from the College of William and Mary to investigate California Rivers. Sage Wagner (’14) and Samantha Ritzer (’14) participated as the only undergraduate students in the course. The focus of the trip was to study how the rivers physically and chemically interact with the earth, the temporal and spatial variations between rivers, and the human interaction with river systems.

The group of 13 scientists spent a week traveling along the coastal ranges of California, from the Carmel River in the south to the Eel River in the North. They also spent time in the Central Valley of California in the Sacramento–San Joaquin River system. The topics discussed in the field ranged from the workings of first-order streams to the export of water from Northern California to Los Angeles, over 300 miles away.

Sage Wagner and Samantha RitzerThe picture shows the two IUP students in front of the remnants of hydraulic mining from the Gold Rush era of California’s history, which are still having detrimental effects on the rivers of California.

Department of Geoscience