Eberly College of Business Students Attend RISE 14 Conference

Posted on 4/14/2014 1:56:32 PM

IUP Finance students at the RISE conferenceTen finance students from Eberly College of Business attended the Redefining Investment Strategy Education Conference on March 27–29, 2014, to gain an insider’s view on the modern business industry.

More than 3,500 students and 180 universities participated in RISE 14. The conference is sponsored annually by the University of Dayton in association with the United Nations Global Compact.

Federal Reserve Bank president and 2014 FOMC voting member Sandra Pianalto gave the keynote address. 

Among the speakers and guests were presidents and CEOs from some of the largest firms in the industry, such as Highland Capital Management, L.P and Federated Investors, and professional and Olympic snowboarder Louie Vito, who spoke at the conference.

This was the second year students from Eberly attended the event.

“Attending the RISE conference last year provided us with much more information than we could possibly learn in the classroom,” finance major Breanne Loveland said. “We were given the opportunity to gain an insider’s view on what working in the modern industry is like and the skills that we will need to be successful after graduation.”

They even shared the knowledge gathered from last year’s conference with current finance professors to incorporate into their classrooms.

Media outlets such as Barron’s, Bloomburg, CNN, Investor’s Business Daily, TheStreet and the Wall Street Journal covered the event.

The “Official Broadcaster” for the forum was CNBC. Kelly Evans anchored CNBC’s Closing Bell show live from the conference on Thursday, March 27.

Jim Cramer congratulated the winners of TheStreet’s “Next Great Stock Pickr” student competition via satellite broadcast.

Along with learning from real-world business professionals and networking, students competed to win up to $6,000 each for their schools in the portfolio competition.

Eberly students competed in the competition against schools like the University of Massachusetts, University of Chicago, and even Harvard University.

“Even though we did not win the $1,000 cash prize, we outperformed many other universities and are looking forward to competing again next year,” Loveland said.

Thursday featured panels with industry leaders talking about the economy and international and domestic markets, while responding to student questions from the audience.

Friday gave students a chance to choose six out of more than 40 breakout sessions conducted by financial professionals that covered topics such as investment and portfolio management topics.

The Eberly students chose to attend the modern portfolio management panel discussion, foreign exchange simulation, the “Want to pick stocks? Forget Wall Street” evaluation techniques presentation, behavioral finance discussion, mergers and acquisitions panel discussion, and the hedge funds question-and-answer forum.

Saturday’s focus was career strategies from students as well as practices and research presentations for faculty.

“Because of Eberly’s support, we were able to attend the largest student investment conference in the world,” Loveland said. “It was an experience that we will never forget.”

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Aleda Johnson