Black and Mina Receive 2014 Faculty Recognition Awards from Center for Teaching Excellence

Posted on 4/8/2014 10:19:27 AM

The English Department congratulates our two winners of the 2014 Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Recognition Awards.

Laurel Black received the Innovation Award for her ENGL 265, Law and Literature course. Black and her students staged a mock murder, as well as the subsequent literary forensic investigation and trial, that dramatized how “all law is based on stories, and how the ways those stories are told lead to particular codifications of behavior, which is further debated by storytelling in a courtroom or through the widespread effects of literature.”

Lilian Mina received the Teaching Associate Award for her use of digital technology in teaching English classes and for her engagement of students in scholarly work that result in publication. In particular, she collaborated with three former Research Writing students to produce an article that was accepted for publication. Her students also regularly submit their classroom work for publication in local and national venues, thereby allowing them to experience the value of scholarship and of writing for real audiences.

They will be honored at the annual CTE Awards Dinner on May 1.

Congratulations to Drs. Black and Mina, and to all the 2014 CTE Award winners!

Department of English