Employees Recognized at 2014 Annual Service Awards Luncheon

Posted on 4/4/2014 2:21:26 PM

On March 25, 2014, several IUP employees were recognized for their years of service to the university.

President Driscoll and Daniel Shively50 Years of Service

  • Daniel Shively, IUP Libraries

(Right: President Michael Driscoll and Dan Shively)

35 Years of Service

  • Susan Bacha, Enrollment Management and Communications 
  • Robert Boldin, Finance and Legal Studies
  • Larry Duncan, Grounds
  • Jerry Fulmer, Grounds
  • Mary Jalongo, Professional Studies in Education
  • Nicholas Karatjas, Economics
  • Tammi Lu Reckhart, Biology
  • Kimberly White, Information Technology Services

President Driscoll with 35 Years of Service employees
Front Row (L-R) – Kimberly White, Tammi Lu Reckhart, Susan Bacha
Back Row (L-R) – President Michael Driscoll, Larry Duncan, Jerry Fulmer

30 Years of Service

  • Andrea Alsippi, Advancement Services
  • Gregory Anderson, Athletic Facilities
  • John Barker, Student Co-op
  • Robert Britcher, Grant Accounting
  • William Daugherty, IUP Libraries
  • Kenneth Donahue Jr., Custodial Services
  • Steven Douglass, Cogeneration Plant
  • John Engler, Safety Sciences
  • Frederick Glasser, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Mary Hicks, Custodial Services
  • Martha Jack, Biology
  • Richard Johns, Custodial Services
  • Germain Kline, Accounting
  • Philip Kopczyk, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 
  • John Kuehn, Music
  • Mary Kuffner Hirt, Political Science
  • Patrick McCreary, Theater and Dance
  • Sandra McKee, Custodial Services
  • Thomas McQuilkin, Carpentry and Paint Shop
  • Jeffrey Miller, Hospitality Management 
  • Robert Petti, PA OSHA Consultation Program
  • Loretta Piper, Payroll Services
  • David Pistole, Biology
  • Thomas Potts, Custodial Services
  • Lynne Troyan, Graduate Studies and Research
  • Michael M. Williamson, English
  • Douglas Zolocsik, Maintenance 

President Driscoll with 30 Years of Service employees
Front Row (L-R) – Douglas Zolocsik, Thomas Potts, Philip Kopczyk, Loretta Piper, Martha Jack, Lynne Troyan, David Pistole
Back Row (L-R) – John Engler, Kenneth Donahue Jr., President Michael Driscoll, Gregory Anderson, Frederick Glasser, Patrick McCreary

25 Years of Service

  • Joseph Bencloski, Geography and Regional Planning
  • Paul Boston Jr., Central Stores
  • Ralph Brilhart Jr., Custodial Services
  • Roger Briscoe, Educational and School Psychology
  • Robert Camp, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology
  • David Chambers, Political Science
  • Malinda Levis, Health and Well-Being
  • David Downing, English
  • Walter Fedash, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 
  • Lon Ferguson, Safety Sciences
  • Michele Gerwick, Nursing and Allied Health Professions
  • Gina McGaughey, Career and Technical Personnel Preparation
  • Paul Grieggs, Information Technology Services
  • Tammy Hamilton, Grant Accounting
  • Wendy Henry, University Advancement
  • Cathy Kaufman, Professional Studies in Education
  • Jaeju Ko, Chemistry
  • Janice Kuzemchak, Custodial Services
  • Mark Labant, Cogeneration Plant
  • Bernard Lazor, Carpentry and Paint Shop
  • Gary Lockard, Custodial Services
  • George Long, Chemistry
  • Rhonda Luckey, Student Affairs
  • Nancy Mantini, Health Service
  • Deborah Mock, Communications Media
  • Wayne Moore, Technology Support and Training
  • Victor Nastase, Cogeneration Plant
  • Joann Peak, Human Resources
  • Joseph Perkovich Jr., Custodial Services
  • Darl Rearick, Auto Shop
  • Karen Rivosecchi, Career and Technical Personnel Preparation
  • Frederick Roadarmel Jr., Custodial Services
  • Ramesh Soni, Management
  • Stacy Stewart, Accounting
  • Christine Stiles, Office of the Bursar
  • Mark Twiest, Professional Studies in Education
  • Susan Wheatley, Music
  • Dale Whitesel, Electric Shop
  • Ronald Wolfe, Custodial Services 

President Driscoll with 25 Years of Service employees
Front Row (L-R) – Karen Rivosecchi, Michele Gerwick, Christine Stiles, Joann Peak, Tammy Hamilton, Mark Labant, Dale Whitesel, Darl Rearick
Back Row (L-R) – Ramesh Soni, George Long, Paul Grieggs, Lon Ferguson, President Michael Driscoll, Robert Camp, Rhonda Luckey

20 Years of Service

  • Debra Bacco, Economics
  • Julia Boyd, Career and Technical Personnel Preparation
  • Marcella Capitosti, Office of the Bursar
  • Donna Detwiler, Office of the Bursar         
  • Dianne Ferrell, Special Education and Clinical Services
  • Susan Frycklund, Office of the Registrar
  • Susan Glor-Scheib, Special Education and Clinical Services
  • Lori Lavanish, PA OSHA Consultation Program
  • Toni Linta, Printing and Postal Services
  • Karen Mack, Office of the Registrar
  • Marlene McCabe, Admissions
  • Michele Norwood, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Deborah Saunders Stanley, Career Development
  • Susan Welsh, English
  • Mindy Wygonik, Culinary Arts

15 Years of Service

  • Sharon Aikins, Teaching Excellence
  • Janice Baker, Special Education and Clinical Services
  • Mistie Blazavich, Budget
  • Seema Bharathan, Biology
  • Wayne Bodle, History
  • Laura Buterbaugh, Office of the Bursar
  • Jason Carnahan, Grounds
  • Nicole Carrera, Admissions 
  • David Doverspike, Professional Studies in Education
  • Kevin Eisensmith, Music
  • Judy Geesey, Education and Educational Technology
  • Dennis Giever, Criminology
  • Jacqueline Greene, University Advancement
  • Lorraine Guth, Counseling
  • Arden Hamer, Developmental Studies
  • Michael Hood, Fine Arts 
  • Bonita Juliette, Development
  • Patricia Krausslach, Office of the President
  • Jacquelyn Kuehn, Music
  • Nadene L’Amoreaux, Counseling
  • John Marsden, English
  • Kevin McKee, Health and Physical Education
  • William Meil, Psychology
  • Mark Minto, Auto Shop
  • Jeffrey Montgomery,  Information Technology Services
  • David Myers, Criminology
  • Melonie Payne, IUP Libraries
  • Karen Pizarchik, Academic Programs and Planning
  • Gary Reese, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Enid Resenic, Admissions for Culinary Arts
  • Michael Rihn, Carpentry and Paint Shop
  • Jose Rivera, Health and Physical Education
  • Frederick Slack, Management
  • Mark Sloniger, Health and Physical Education
  • Rosalee Stilwell, English
  • Stephanie Taylor-Davis, Food and Nutrition
  • Malaika Turner, Housing, Residential Living, and Dining
  • Christina Wiggins, Student Affairs 
  • Jason Worzbyt, Music
  • Keith Young, Music

10 Years of Service

  • Paul Arpaia, History
  • Melissa Bair, Geography and Regional Planning
  • Christopher Baird, Public Safety and University Police
  • Lynanne Black, Educational and School Psychology
  • Andrea Villao Campbell, Public Safety and University Police
  • Michael Carnovale Jr., Student Co-op
  • Reena Dube, English
  • Barry Haldin, Maintenance 
  • Deborah Helwig, Career and Technical Personnel Preparation
  • Connie Huller, Student Co-op
  • Ronald Isenberg, Central Stores
  • John Kapusta Jr., Culinary Arts
  • Michael Kingan, Music
  • Jennifer Kostryk, Human Resources
  • Joseph Kovaleski, Educational and School Psychology
  • Yu-Ju Kuo, Mathematics
  • Carl LeBlond, Chemistry
  • David Loomis, Journalism
  • David Lorenzi, Health and Physical Education
  • Lori Jo Marshall, Mathematics
  • Lorie McDowell, Academic Administration
  • Lindsey McNickle, Human Resources
  • Andrea Morman, Computer Science
  • Kelli Reefer Paquette, Professional Studies in Education
  • Elizabeth Poje Hawk, Academic Administration
  • William Sands, Admissions
  • Elizabeth Sarneso, Center for Student Life
  • Joseph Serian, Grounds
  • Joyce Shanty, Nursing and Allied Health Professions
  • Kenneth Sherwood, Jr., English
  • Dawn Smith-Sherwood, Foreign Languages
  • Dane Sprankle, PA OSHA Consultation Program
  • Diane Traves, Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment
  • Holly Travis, Biology
  • Pauline Wells, International Education
  • Ronald Wells, Grounds
  • Kristin Williams, Printing and Postal Services
  • Gregory Wisloski, Mathematics
  • Andrew Zhou, Physics