Ott and Irani Receive Faculty Recognition Award

Posted on 4/2/2014 3:44:58 PM

Lora Ott (Nursing) and Vida Irani (Biology) were the recipients of this year’s Faculty Recognition Award in the category of Content Pedagogy.

The award was made in recognition of a proposal submitted by Ott and Irani which outlined their collaborative project on the role of training in improving hand sanitation among practicing Nursing students. The students’ hands were sampled for the presence of several types of bacterial pathogens, after which the students underwent focused hand hygiene training in an effort to improve their own hand sanitation, with the goal of reducing the likelihood of bacterial transmission within clinical settings.

The Center for Teaching Excellence award committee noted that Ott and Irani’s application “. . . clearly demonstrates course design which is especially effective in teaching content in your discipline . . . as well as . . . thoughtful pedagogical progression which maximizes student learning.”

This CTE recognition also includes a $500 professional development award.

Winners of CTE awards for 2014 will be recognized at the CTE Annual Awards Dinner on May 1. Congratulations to Ott and Irani and to all of the 2104 CTE award winners!