Savova Presents on Collaborative Online Activities

Posted on 3/31/2014 11:19:35 AM

A presentation by Lilia Savova, Department of English, at an international TESOL convention focused on collaboration through interactivity, connectivity, and project sharing using online environments such as Moodle, Blackboard Collaborate videoconferencing, wikis, discussion boards, Google Docs, and multimodal joint projects.

In her presentation, she emphasized the importance of collaboration as a significant learning factor largely associated with F2F classrooms. She then shared the results of her research on student perceptions of online learning which suggest strongly missed opportunities for student-student and student-teacher collaboration. Following that, she offered examples of collaborative activities from her graduate and undergraduate online classes (e.g., Cross-Cultural Communication, Second Language Teaching, and Composition II). She explained how such multilinked multimodal projects are typical for online environments, thus offering unique learning opportunities, unlike F2F learning, yet valuable on their own right, and, to a certain extent, even more so. Finally, she presented the unanimously positive results of a Google Docs survey about her student responses to their brand new online learning experiences as a learning community.

Department of English