Lowery, Benjamin, and Graduate Students Speak at National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Convention

Posted on 3/28/2014 8:33:32 AM

Mimi Benjamin, assistant professor, and John Wesley Lowery, professor in Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE), each presented multiple sessions at the National Association of Student Personnel Association (NASPA) annual convention on March 15–19, 2014, in Baltimore, Md.

Benjamin coordinated and served as the moderator for a panel presentation, titled “Looking Back and Looking Forward: A Reflection on the Past and Future of Learning Communities.” The program served as a preview of a book scheduled for publication in 2015 for which Benjamin serves as editor. SAHE graduate students Laura Jo Rieske and Sarah Conte were among the panelists.

Benjamin also presented the session “What DIDN’T I Learn? Student Stories of Co-curricular Learning,” which highlighted three studies focused on the learning outcomes experienced by students through the cocurricular roles of peer judicial board member, orientation leader, and resident advisors.

Lowery was the coordinating presenter for three presentations: “VAWA and the Campus SaVE Act: Preparing for Compliance,” “Guns on Campus: Institutional Policies, State Laws, and the Courts,” and “Discourse and Debate: Changing Expectations, Pressures, and Frameworks for Graduate Preparation over 100 Years.” He also participated as a panelist during two additional conference programs: “Student Affairs: A Profession or Just Professionals” and “The Women of the Alabama State Sit-ins and Dixon v. Alabama (1961): An Untold Story.” Lowery also completed his term as chair of the NASPA Faculty Fellows.

Two additional SAHE students also contributed to the NASPA conference. Ana Devlin Gauthier, in her role as the graduate student representative to the NASPA Region II Advisory Board, participated in regional activities at the conference. Jamie Piperato serves on the Leadership Team for the GLBT Knowledge Community and presented her thesis research, titled “Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual College Students’ Knowledge, Perceptions, and Beliefs about HIV/AIDS.”

NASPA is one of two leading professional associations for student affairs in higher education. More than 5,700 student affairs practitioners, graduate preparation program faculty, and graduate students attended the national conference this year.   

For more information on Benjamin’s presentations, please e-mail her at mbenjami@iup.edu.

For more information on Lowery’s presentations, please e-mail him at john.lowery@iup.edu, or visit his website.

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