Passwords, Passwords, Who Has a Password?

Posted on 3/26/2014 8:55:02 AM

Did you know that your network password expires every 180 days? Did you know that you can check the age of your network password in MyIUP? It is important to know this information, as this password is used for MyIUP, connecting to IUP network resources, Moodle, and D2L.

To check the age of your network password, sign in to MyIUP and click on the Personal Info link. In the top right corner, the age of your password will display. If it is close to 180 days, consider changing it before it expires. On the same page that displays the age of your password, there is a link for Password reset options. Click this and follow the prompts to change your password.

IUP also has a password reset service called iaccounts. You can also use this service to change your password. If you password is not expired, you can change your password here, just like changing your password via MyIUP.

With iaccounts, you can also reset your network password if it is expired, or you have forgotten what your password is. This feature does require a preregistration of your cell phone before you can use it the first time. If your password is current, you can register or edit your cell phone number at iaccounts. Click on the last link on the page, log in with your username and network password to add a cell phone, view your registered cell phone, or edit the cell phone you have previously registered.

Registering your cell phone is optional and is not required. You can change your password any time via MyIUP or iaccounts anytime before your password is expired. However, if your password is expired, and you have not registered your cell phone to use with iaccounts, you will need to send e-mail to for assistance. Please send this from your IUP e-mail account.

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