EMC Update March 2014: Financial Aid, Sutton Scholars, Undergraduate Admissions

Posted on 3/24/2014 4:16:35 PM

The Division of Enrollment Management and Communications (EMC) is pleased to announce that EMC Update is becoming a monthly publication. The March 2014 issue is now available for download.

Each month, EMC Update will present one or two data snapshots from our enrollment and communications work to share with the campus community. To make sure we are presenting data of interest, our choices are guided by a survey of 170 faculty and staff members we conducted in late February and early March.

We’ll also share key statistics on our progress toward recruiting IUP’s next undergraduate class. This includes both overall undergraduate admissions data and as well as a breakdown by college.

In our inaugural issue, you’ll find:

Financial Aid Update

Timely and clear financial aid awards are an integral part of recruiting students. Learn more about the award-letter process here at IUP.

Sutton Scholars Update

Providing merit-based scholarships is helping IUP recruit more high-achieving students.

Undergraduate Admissions Update

See current progress in undergraduate applications, admissions, and deposits for fall 2014. Data is broken out by college, and is compared to the data for the same week in 2013.

You can find the March 2014 issue, as well as a feedback form, on the EMC website.