Student Art Gallery Open in Office of Social Equity

Posted on 3/24/2014 11:58:02 AM

Artists as groupThe Office of Social Equity is pleased to announce its newest diversity initiative, featuring the work of several students from the Department of Art.  Through their collaborative efforts, the students have created a theme of “place” or “home,” which is representative of the office’s purpose that “everyone is welcome here and everyone belongs.”  The Diversity Student Art Gallery can be viewed on the Social Equity website.

President Michael Driscoll recently visited the office to view the pieces and meet with the students.  During his discussion with them, he reiterated the importance he places on the arts in education and their significance here at IUP. 

Crystal Miller pieceTwo students seeking a Master of Fine Arts in Painting, Crystal Miller and Melissa Riggatire, have graciously decorated the walls of the office with six individual pieces. Melissa’s work is comprised of mixed media elements, and Crystal’s uses acrylic, oil, and spray paint on canvas. 

Students representing the Master of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics include Bayan Albaheth, Bryce Hemington, Luci Jockel, Nicole Paulina, and Garick Tai-Lee. Their pieces use low-fire earthenware (Albaheth), porcelain (Hemington), high-fire stoneware and high-fire paper clay (Jockel), red earthware and metal (Paulina), and stoneware (Tai-Lee).  

Garick Tai Lee pieceTwo students, Jim Battistelli and Kayla Bennett, are seeking a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture. Battistelli’s pieces are comprised of cast iron, concrete, and steel. Bennett’s work is created from porcelain, silk, and velvet.

Undergraduate students displaying work in the office include Amnah Azizi, Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design (metal), and Paige Cashdollar, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture (stoneware). 

Faculty members involved in the initiative include Sue Palmisano, Chris McGinnis, Kevin Turner, and Sean Derry. 

President Driscoll with the artistsAll members of the campus community are welcome and encouraged to stop in to view and enjoy this artwork. The Office of Social Equity is located in B-17 Delaney and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. No appointment is necessary to view the artwork.