Casting Your Voice with Audacity: DHC Open Source Toolkit Workshop

Posted on 3/23/2014 8:45:42 PM

The Center for Digital Humanities and Culture is pleased to announce the fourth of its ongoing workshops for the Open Source Toolkit. This week, the topic is creating audio podcasts with Audacity. The workshop takes place on Monday, March 24, from 12:15–1:15 p.m. in Stabley Library, room 201.

Audacity is a feature-rich, open source audio editing program. It is commonly used in the podcasting community as an alternative to paid software like GarageBand and Adobe Audition. Audacity includes the necessary recording and post-processing tools one needs to produce professional quality audio. Examples of such features include adding audio effects, recording multiple tracks from a number of inputs, normalizing levels, converting audio formats, and a multitude of other functions that enhance audio production. Even though Audacity is capable of professional quality audio, novice users will find it user-friendly.

Workshop leader and doctoral student Adam Colton will provide a live demonstration of some of the most commonly used features of Audacity for editing podcasts. This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity for hands-on experimentation and provide participants with the Open Source Toolkit, which includes Audacity, to produce their own podcasts.

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