Center for Family Business Honors Reschini Family

Posted on 3/14/2014 12:00:05 PM

The Reschinis were recognized with a tree planted along the walkway of Eberly as a part of the Allegheny Arboretum.Eberly College of Business’s Center for Family Business honored the Reschini family March 11 with the 2014 Distinguished Family Business Award in Eberly’s auditorium. 

The Reschinis were honored for their successful business operation in the insurance industry through three generations, as well as their generosity to the Indiana community and students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

According to Ellen Ruddock, director of the Center for Family Business, the family has supported a scholarship program for employees and their children who attend IUP.  

At least 25 out of 70 of the Reschini Group employees hold degrees from IUP.  

“I don't recall another family business we've honored with those statistics of employee affiliation with IUP,” Ruddock said. 

The family will receive a plaque as well as being recognized with a tree planted along the walkway of Eberly as a part of the Allegheny Arboretum.

More than 300 students, faculty, staff, and community members attended the event, which began at 9:30 a.m. with a presentation by the Reschini family, followed by the tree dedication and a reception.

Citations from Congressman Bill Shuster, Senator Don White, Representative Dave Reed, and County Commissioners Rod Ruddock, Patty Evanko, and Mike Baker were also presented. 

Ruddock said the day was a huge success, judging from audience attentiveness to the Reschini presenters.

“They wove family stories with tales of successful strategies in the insurance industry that have kept them growing,” Ruddock said. “A commonality of all three generations of Reschinis has been their desire to take care of employees and to give back to their community.”

Reschini Insurance Agency, founded in 1938 by Rose Reschini, was one of the first of its kind in the country as well as the first agency in Pennsylvania founded by a woman.

Joseph Reschini, Rose’s husband, joined the business in 1941 and their son, Roger, joined in 1964. The agency became incorporated in 1979 when Roger became president.

In 2006, the third generation of Reschini joined the company when Roger’s son, Joseph, became chief operating officer.

Since 1997, the Center for Family Business has focused on the recognition, support, and development of family business, and it serves business owners and their families through networking opportunities and educational programs.

  —Aleda Johnson