Faculty Presentations at Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference

Posted on 3/11/2014 9:15:26 AM

The 2014 annual meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences was held in Philadelphia, Pa., in February. Below is a list of faculty presentations.

Austin, T.   (2014, February).  The IRB:  A Challenging Process for Field Researchers.  Discussant in roundtable session.  

Bowers, J., Spraitz, J., Bowen, K. , Frenzel, E., & Phaneuf, S.   (2014, February).  Michigan Sex Offender Perceptions of Megan's Law.  In P. R. Salinas (Chair), Risk Factors for Sexual Offending:  Rape Myths, Neutralization, and Parental Abandonment.  

Gossett, J. & Wiester, L.  (2014, February).  What do we do?  Research Approaches Studying Intersectionality.  In V. James (Chair), New Advances:  Perceptions of Sexual Violence, Reporting and Feminist Theory.  

Kim, B., Benekos, P. J., & Merlo, A. V.  (2014, February).  Do All Interventions for Sexual Offenders Work?  A Review of Recent Meta-Analyses on Sexual Offender Treatment Efficacy.  In K. Jing (Chair), Transforming Offender's Lives:  Why Treatment Works.

Kim, B., Stallings, R. P., Merlo, A. V ., & Lin, W.  (2014, February).  Coordinators' Perceptions on Criminology and Criminal Justice Doctoral Student Mentoring Programs.  In B. Kim (Chair), Issues in Criminal Justice Education Administration

Hassett, M., Phaneuf, S.W ., & Cooper, J.A . (2014, February).  Shoot to kill:  An examination of fantasies of violence among gun owners. Poster session.

Lambert, E., Paoline III, E., Hogan, N., Wells, J., Minor, K., Griffin, M., Kim, B. , Cheeseman, K., & Garland, B.  (2014, February).  Differences in the Correlates of Job Stress and Job Satisfaction by Race/Ethnicity of Jail Staff.  In J. A. Gordon (Chair), Correctional Personnel:  Factors Impacting the Daily Grind.

Martin, R.  (2014, February).  An Integral View of Ethics, Morality and Justice.  In J. Cohen (Chair), Feature Panel: Integral Justice.  

Wasileski, G.  (2014, February).  Extreme Right-Wing Groups:  Parallels Between Europe and the U.S.  In B. Garner (Chair), Perspectives on Terrorism.

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