Etiquette Dinner Hosts Needed

Posted on 3/10/2014 3:33:21 PM

Would you like a dinner with well-dressed, well-behaved, and business-like students? Host a student table during the Career and Professional Development Center Etiquette Dinner on either (or both!) Monday, April 7, and Tuesday, April 8, from 6:00–8:00 p.m. in the Crimson Event Center. There will be no cost for you.

Hilliary Creely from the IUP School of Graduate Studies and Research said hosting an etiquette dinner “was the most fun I ever had volunteering for something at IUP!” Survey responders reported they found the students “very well-prepared, professional, and well-mannered,” and “All of the students were polished but authentic—delightful!”

Student surveys included responses such as “this program made me understand the manners of the etiquette dinner and the importance of the communication,” “I enjoyed the fellowship and meeting new people,” and “I didn’t realize there were alumni/professionals hosting. I really appreciated their commitment and giving of time.” 

Because more and more employers are conducting interviews during a meal, our department sponsors etiquette dinners every semester. As we mention to students on our website, “If you are invited to lunch or dinner by an employer, accept! Extending this invitation to you is an indication that they are truly interested in you and, perhaps, they want to observe your social graces before making a final decision. As one interviewer remarked, ‘We make it clear that the image of our corporation is reflected not only in our product, but also by those involved in producing our product. The behavior of our employees on and off the job, on the street, or in the marketplace, is of great concern to us.’”

You do not have to be an expert in dining etiquette in order to host a table. Hosts are needed to facilitate conversation and gently guide students regarding the proper meal etiquette that is required in the business world. Students are required to read the information on the Etiquette Dinner website to prepare for their dining experience.

Please contact us at 724-357-2235 or e-mail us at and let us know if you want to be a dinner host.