English Department Publication Celebration Honors English Faculty Writers and Writing

Posted on 3/3/2014 12:17:18 PM

On January 30, 2014, English Department faculty and other members of the IUP community gathered in the Crimson Event Center to jubilantly celebrate the achievements of those English Department faculty members who published scholarly writing between August 2012 and November 2013.

The event, organized and emceed by Professor Patrick Bizzaro (himself among those faculty recognized at the event), stemmed from the desire to celebrate faculty publication for two reasons: (1) because the publication of a written work is a remarkable professional achievement always worth celebrating, and (2) because the writing that English (and other) faculty members do is the direct result of an extremely complex and exacting creative process that both reflects and enables some of the best aspects of academic life and bonds faculty members together as a community of writers.

Patrick Bizzaro Emcees 2014 English Faculty Publication Celebration 
Professor Patrick Bizzaro organized and emceed the English Department Publication Celebration.

At the event, a hefty display of faculty publications—a large collection of books, edited volumes, and essays on topics ranging from literary history to literacy pedagogy—covered the tops of long tables at the side of the large room in which a dozen speakers, including Provost Timothy Moerland and English Department Chair Gian Pagnucci, took to the podium to praise those who had published their work and share some reflections on the craft of writing itself.

English Faculty Browse Colleagues Books on Display at 2014 Publication Celebration 
Faculty browse published works on display at the English Department Publication Celebration.

As faculty speakers rose to the podium to speak during the two-hour ceremony, it became clear that, while pleased with their own accolades, they were equally delighted at the chance to share with their English Department colleagues—their fellow writers—lessons they had learned from their writing experiences.

Speakers’ remarks ranged from practical advice for getting down to the task of writing to philosophical musings on the value of writing as a way of being in the world, on the value of writing as an activity that sets one’s mind probing big questions and following one’s curiosity where it leads.

Those looking for tips to help them get down to the task of writing were not disappointed, as almost every speaker had more than a trick or two to share. These included keeping one’s writing file open on one’s computer as a constant reminder of writing to be done, to write early and often, and to gather and test ideas for writing projects by seeking feedback from one’s professional networks.

In all, the celebration underscored and showcased the vitality, creativity, and passion of faculty who write both to find their voices and make them heard.

For a partial bibliography of works published by English Department Faculty between August 2012 and November 2013 (the list includes one published work per author), please see the English Department Faculty Bibliography for 2014.