Mathematics Partners with Writing Across the Curriculum Program to Better Support Students

Posted on 2/28/2014 1:58:07 PM

The Department of Mathematics has teamed up with the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program to develop a customized writing plan (CPW) for majors in their department tracks.

Following on the heels of the Department of Food and Nutrition, the Mathematics Department’s goal is to ensure that students who graduate with a major in one of their programs are prepared for writing in their chosen fields.

“We realize that many of our courses are preparing students to use numerical skills, but we want them to be strong communicators as well. Creating a writing plan for our department will help us to determine where we can add more writing practice into our courses and how we can help students prepare for the job market and their careers,” said Edel Reilly, assistant chair of the Department of Mathematics.

WAC director Bryna Siegel Finer explained, “I’m thrilled that the Mathematics Department has decided to take on this important work. Most students don’t expect to write in math courses. This plan will help Mathematics faculty create a culture among students in all of their tracks that accepts and understands the importance of writing skills, even in a field where numbers are privileged.”

CPWs are designed to make visible how writing is situated throughout a curriculum and can assist faculty in any department to create a more meaningful relationship between the content they teach and the writing they assign. A CWP can help with assessment, accreditation, and five-year department reviews, as well as provide research and scholarship opportunities for faculty who are interested in how students write in their disciplines. 

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