Next Generation Field Geology Fund Established by Geoscience Department Donors

Posted on 2/7/2014 2:35:37 PM

Through generous contributions from alumni and friends of the Geoscience Department, a new Foundation for IUP account was established to directly support student field-based learning activities: the Next Generation Field Geology Fund. In addition to a significant initial contribution, we have received pledges for annual contributions that will ensure significant financial support for our field studies programs well into the future!

Each year, the department offers a regional field trip to provide students with field-based training and analysis in different geological settings across North America. Our current rotation involves field courses studying the depositional processes of modern and ancient coral reefs of the Florida Keys, the deserts and mountain ranges of the American Southwest, tectonic formations and ancient strata near Newfoundland, and the rugged landscape of the Northern Rockies. A more local field course is also offered in the Appalachians using IUP as the home base for a series of short field excursions.

“Field studies usually involve long van rides and low-cost camping to reduce the financial burden to our students and their parents,” said Steve Hovan, chair of the Geoscience Department. “But we know that some students still struggled to make tuition payments, and these trips were simply not affordable. With this new fund, we will now be able to offer all of our students a high-quality field-based learning experience—without any additional cost beyond tuition.”

The Next Generation Field Fund will also offer new opportunities for field studies. For instance, in Summer 2014, a selected number of students will travel to the Pacific Northwest to collect rock samples and map geological features in the volcanic mountains of Oregon as part of a new field-investigations course taught by Nick Deardorff. The department intends to use the funds to offer as many opportunities as possible for our majors—the next generation of geologists.

Contributions to the Next Generation Field Geology Fund can be made by contacting:

Foundation for IUP
Sutton Hall, Room G1
1011 South Drive
Indiana, PA 15705

or by calling the Office of Annual Giving at 724-357-5555.

Please indicate code #224789 to direct your donation to the Next Generation Field Geology Fund.