English Professors Present Panel on “First Year College Writers”

Posted on 2/7/2014 1:04:41 PM

Professors Ann Amicucci, Nan Sitler, Sue Welsh, and Jo-Anne Kerr (English Department) presented a panel at the 2013 National Council of Teachers of English convention in Boston.

The panel was entitled “First Year College Writers: Literate Practices and Identities in Transition.”

  • Sitler presented “Basic Writers Literate Lives: Becoming Writers in the Academy”
  • Amicucci presented “Technology in Classrooms: Connecting with Students Writing Lives”
  • Welsh spoke about the importance of reflection for student writers
  • Kerr presented “Teaching for Transfer: What I Learned in ENGL 101”

Sitler’s presentation was based on a collaboration with Gloria Park, who was unable to attend. Her work, though, was represented.

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