Respect Handicapped Parking Spaces

Posted on 1/30/2014 10:09:27 AM

Winter is always a challenging time of year; this year perhaps more than normal, with the unique combination of extreme temperatures, snow, and wind chills. What has not changed is our seemingly endless need to seek parking as we arrive for work or class.

In fact, it has become more pronounced, perhaps, as more of us drive to work or class in these extreme conditions. It is with this in mind that we write to you.

If those of us who are “able bodied” are stressed by the current weather circumstances noted, such conditions are even more challenging for students with mobility concerns and ongoing medical/physical conditions. Among the challenges can be securing a “handicapped” or accessible parking spot. If the weather is dangerous for those of us who can move freely or (fairly) quickly, it may be more dangerous for students needing a designated parking spot. With this in mind, we request that you be even more vigilant about not parking in a “handicapped” parking space.

Irrespective of weather, “handicapped/accessible” parking spaces are supposed to be used by students/employees/visitors who have a state handicapped parking placard –or—a short term IUP “handicapped parking” placard. Persons who are eligible to use these spaces have had to provide documentation of need. The need is legitimate. Recently, in this bad weather, there have been multiple cases of students/employees arriving at IUP and seeking a “handicapped” parking place, only to find the car of a person without the placard in the space. With limited mobility and/or health issues, and in extreme weather, not only is it inconvenient/wrong to have the student or employee have to move; it can be dangerous. We write to seek your assistance with this. Please do not park in a “handicapped” parking space yourself; please discourage others from doing so as well.

(And, of course, please consider this message as applicable to good weather as well; recent conditions have just exacerbated a perpetual problem.)

Thank you!