Energy Waste and Conservation: Observe, Report, Reduce, and Achieve

Posted on 1/8/2014 2:18:55 PM

Energy costs represent a significant portion of IUP’s operating budget, and the need to avoid waste and control energy consumption is clearly defined as a major factor for achieving established budgetary goals.

Each member of the IUP community is responsible for observing, identifying, and reporting conditions, situations, and events that waste energy at any campus location.

Energy wasting conditions can be reported using the Energy Management Observation Form that is on the Energy Management site. Please fill out this form using as much information and detail as possible, and click the “submit by e-mail” button to complete the process and notify the energy manager of the issue.

Please visit the Energy Management website to obtain additional and comprehensive information about IUP’s Energy Management department.

Your participation and contributions are recognized and appreciated. Thank you.