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Central Storeroom Will Keep You Out of the Dark

Posted on 1/3/2014 1:37:48 PM

Don’t let your office go dark! The Central Storeroom carries a variety of lamps and light bulbs that you may need.

Many of you may have heard over the holidays that the standard incandescent light bulb is being phased out nationwide. The Central Storeroom carries the standard high-efficiency replacement lamps for your fixtures.

  • 15291 Lamp, Comp FL, 13w High Efficiency = 60w
  • 15292 Lamp, Comp FL, 23w High Efficiency = 100w
  • 16234 Lamp, Comp FL, 30w High Efficiency = 125w

The above lamps are not all we have for you, our customers. Please check with us for your desk lamp and office lamp needs.

You can use our SAP search engines. Instructions can be found on the Central Stores website.

Or you can contact us at 724-357-4074 for assistance.