Update to Protocol for Death Notices, New Condolences Website

Posted on 12/10/2013 1:00:36 PM

Sadly, it is sometimes necessary for the community to be notified of the passing of students, employees, retirees, and family members of employees.

In the case of the death of current students and employees, the president will send this news via an e-mail announcement to the entire university community. The Office of the President also will send an e-mail notice about the passing of current or former trustees; retired or former IUP presidents or vice presidents; and community leaders, as appropriate. This information will be in IUP Daily and in the Beak.

Offices of the vice presidents will continue to notify members of their own division, and others as appropriate, of the passing of family members of current employees within the division, as well as information about the passing of retired or former employees of their division.

Several members of the community have asked for a way to get news and to share news about employee family members who have passed away. Starting immediately, this information can be submitted to the Condolences section of the website for inclusion in IUP Daily. These notices will appear in a new “Condolences” section of the newsletter.