Student Presentations at American Society of Criminology Conference

Posted on 12/5/2013 2:27:16 PM

The 2013 meeting of the American Society of Criminology was held in Atlanta, Georgia, in November. Below is a list of student presentations. 

Drummond, D. (2013, November). The effectiveness of moral reconation therapy (MRT) on incarcerated individuals: Does morality matter?                                             

Gavin, S., Cooper, J.A., & Hanrahan, K. (2013, November). The future of the academy: Who’s looking for whom in 2013.

Hakim, N. (2013, November). Neutralizing sexual offending: Voices of the incarcerated.

Hassett, M.R., Cooper, J.A., & Phaneuf, S.W. (2013, November). Prior victimization and gun ownership.

James, J.V. (2013, November). Like, follow, post, blog, tweet, social research: Using social media as a new resource for qualitative data.

James, J.V. & Merken, S. (2013, November). Perpetrating the myth: Exploring media accounts of “stereotypical” rape and sexual assault.  

Kim, B. & Pikciunas, K.T. (2013, November). Help seeking among intimate partner violence victims.

Merken, S. (2013, November). Problem-oriented policing: Effective of non-effective strategy for crime prevention.

Roth, J.J. & Roberts, J.J. (2013, November). Comparison of burglars’ and non-burglars’ target choices. 

Stallings, R.P., Hawkins, P.M., & Ward, K.C. (2013, November). Assessing target-residents’ safety feelings a priori and a posteriori drug market interventions (DMI).  

Wagner, P. (2013, November). An exploration of student internet usage and perceptions of crime.

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