Alumni Opportunity: IUP Summer Travel in Africa, July 15–August 10, 2014

Posted on 11/19/2013 8:43:21 AM

African elephantThe Department of Biology plans to offer an educational experience in southern Africa in summer 2014. Through a series of field trips, lectures, and guided tours, you will learn first-hand about the history, people, ecology, and wildlife of this diverse region.  

A limited number of slots are available to alumni and students for the three-week experience from about July 15 through August 10, 2014, traveling through the Republic of South Africa and Swaziland.

We plan to begin our activities in Johannesburg. From there, we will move on to Kruger National Park, widely considered to be one of the world’s finest national parks and a prime site for viewing wild game, including hippos, elephants, many browsers and grazers, and a wide variety of bird species. From Kruger, we’ll head south through the Kingdom of Swaziland for one to two days. Afterwards, we’ll move on to KwaZulu Natal Province in South Africa, heartland of the Zulu nation, for more game viewing near the Indian Ocean beaches.

Our next stop is Cape Town, known as the “Mother City” of South Africa, where we’ll tour the ecologically diverse Cape of Good Hope and watch migrating southern right whales off the tip of the continent. Participants  will interact with many of the people of southern Africa—individuals of European, Indian, or African descent—in a variety of settings from urban, cosmopolitan Cape Town to a working safari lodge in the bush. In addition, participants will observe the dynamic multicultural society of Southern Africa and gain an appreciation for its history and politics as the region moves through a period of significant social and political transition.   

For more information on this unique experience, contact Carl Luciano at or 724-357-2352, or check out the Summer Classes in Africa website.