Does Your Online Course Measure Up?

Posted on 11/12/2013 12:55:13 PM

Quality is often a primary concern in the development of online courses. Designing an online course with a definitive structure; clear, concise directions and expectations; and engaging content improves the quality of the experience for all involved.

Course design rubrics make useful tools for evaluating the design of online courses. These rubrics encapsulate common instructional design practices. Furthermore, they offer strategies and practices to overcome the challenges of online learning, such as the lack of immediacy of feedback and learner isolation. For instructors, these tools are useful in reviewing the course design and can be used to enhance the student experience and to develop meaningful learning experiences.

There are a number of course design rubrics available on the Web. The IUP Center for Teaching Excellence's Tools for Critical Reflection: Course Design Rubrics for Distance Education page contains a sampling of some of these rubrics for you to explore and use.

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