ALS Ph.D. Student Zuzack Elected President of NASSGAP

Posted on 11/11/2013 1:16:23 PM
ALS Ph.D. Student Christine Zuzack

Administration and Leadership Studies doctoral student Christina Zuzack was recently elected to president of the NASSGAP (National Association of State Student Grant and Aid Program). The NASSGAP membership encompasses all state grant agencies in the United States. They support the professional needs of state grant administrators while also building partnerships with other higher education associations. Due to the close linkage between state and federal aid, NASSGAP also collaborates with the United States Department of Education to better serve the needs of students. 

Christine has recognized an increased need for “time management skills” as she performs her duties as president of the NASSGAP while also working full-time and studying for her PhD. Christine has many goals she wants to accomplish during her term as president, which, according to Christine, are “to further enhance our partnerships with other higher education associations that champion student financial aid, to encourage the sharing of innovative and best practices in state student aid program development, and to redesign the NASSGAP webpage to better serve the needs of the membership.”

We wanted to support Christine in this venture as well, and she shared that we already have! According to Christine, “the theoretical concepts of leadership, nonprofit management, and public administration will all find practical applications within my year as serving as NASSGAP president.” That is good news! Best wishes to you, Christine, as you seek to accomplish your presidential goals and finish your PhD degree.

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