IUP Student Sports Production Prove Size Isn’t an Issue

Posted on 11/6/2013 11:46:34 AM

IUP Student Sports Production was recently nominated as one of the top five finalists in the collegiate category of Live Game and Event Production at the 2013 national annual College Sports Summit. The group also received an honorable mention in Sports Openings at the event.

Members of the Communications Media Department traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, to participate in the Sports Video Group’s annual summit. Operations manager and executive producer for IUP-TV Sports David Lind, electronic systems technician Chris Barber, and temporary faculty member Lacey Fulton, along with students Matthew McClelland and George Ribbich,, represented the department. The two-day event featured college sports productions of all levels, from student productions to professional-level work.

The SVG College Sports Media Awards were also held at this event. This is the fifth year that IUP-TV Sports Production has either been nominated for a CSVS award or received an honorable mention. The Collegiate Students category is comprised of entries from Division I and Division II schools. The competition shows the high quality of work IUP students produce.

Barber spoke of how proud he was of our students. He noted how becoming one of five finalists in a national competition against bigger Division I schools put IUP on a higher plateau. Chris said, “IUP-TV is a student-run station, and this shows the quality of the work our students can do against other schools with newer, high-quality HD multicamera remote equipment.”

After realizing the impact of the SVG nomination, student McClelland stated, “Once I found out, I couldn't believe we were competing against these schools. It was an honor to have our production skills matched with other places who were using equipment we could only dream of.”

McClelland and Ribbich also gave a presentation on how the IUP-TV’s Sports Productions operate and showed video clips of coverage of games produced in 2012 and 2013.

Lind was also one of five nominees selected for the 2013 SVG College Sports Summit Pioneer Award. This award distinguishes individuals who have made a big impact in the college sports industry.

Once again, IUP students have proven that they are able to go on to do anything.