Alumna Marco-Fies Leads Online Talk for the RTI Action Network

Posted on 11/5/2013 12:46:16 PM

Christina Marco-Fies, a recent graduate from the School Psychology doctoral program, presented “Ensuring the Fidelity of the ‘I’ in RTI.” She discussed the multi-tier system of supports that uses students’ response to intervention to determine progress and to inform instructional decisions.

The system requires the instruction and interventions that are delivered to be implemented with high degrees of fidelity in order to achieve meaningful student outcomes. Fidelity of implementation, or “treatment integrity,” is a critical element of the RTI process. Marco-Fies answered questions about how to determine the level of treatment integrity to ensure an intervention is implemented as planned, intended, or originally designed. Access the talk online.

Marco-Fies is a school psychologist in the Muhlenberg School District, Pennsylvania. She earned a master’s degree in Educational Psychology, an educational specialist certificate in School Psychology, and a doctorate in School Psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She has presented about topics such as data analysis teaming and treatment integrity at the local, state, and national level.

Her presentation was based upon an article she coauthored with Joseph Kovaleski and Michael Boneshefski, published by the RTI Action Network.

Marco-Fies’s professional interests include response to intervention, data analysis teaming, and treatment integrity.

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