Temporary Handicapped Parking Spots in Sutton Circle Part of Humanities Building Construction Changes

Posted on 10/31/2013 10:25:50 PM

Several temporary handicapped parking spots will be available in the Sutton Hall circle on a temporary basis, starting Monday, November 4.

Drivers and pedestrians should take extra care when accessing these spots, as traffic patterns will change due to the humanities building construction project:  South Drive will become two-way traffic starting on Monday, November 4, and will be open only between Pratt Drive and the Sutton Hall circle.

The temporary handicapped spots in the Sutton Hall circle will be available only until construction patterns changes, as the South Drive circle will eventually be closed for construction as part of the new building project.

Updates about changes to the availability of these temporary handicapped spots will be in IUP Daily as soon as possible.

Office of Facilities Engineering and Construction