2014 Practicum in Biotechnology Applications Now Being Accepted

Posted on 10/24/2013 2:28:39 PM

One of the goals of the Biotechnology Research Institute is to help prepare students for careers in applied sciences. With this goal in mind, N. Bharathan will offer a Practicum in Biotechnology for undergraduate students during Summer 2014.

The noncredit Practicum in Biotechnology will provide exposure to modern techniques in biology, proteomics, functional genomics, and concepts related to biomaterial science, tissue regeneration, and forensics. The lecture part of the course will cover the principles and techniques of recent developments and findings in recombinant DNA technology. The laboratory component will provide the opportunity to learn and apply hands-on recombinant DNA procedures and technologies related to the use of nucleic acids and proteins on a chip, electrophoretic analysis of mutant genes, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis.

More detailed information about the Practicum in Biotechnology, as well as information about registration and costs, can be found at the Practicum in Biotechnology website.  Contact N. Bharathan (bharathn@iup.edu) with any questions you may have.

Department of Biology