Eberly Students Chosen for 2013 KeyBank Symposium

Posted on 10/16/2013 2:39:45 PM

KeyBank Symposium Attendees Anthony Flowers and Garry Turner, Jr.Eberly College of Business and Information Technology students Anthony Flowers and Garry Turner, Jr. were selected to attend the 2013 KeyBank and Fisher College of Business Leadership and Creativity Undergraduate Minority Symposium at the Max M. Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University.

The 2013 symposium class consists of the top minority undergraduate talent from over 30 universities across the U.S.

The program offers the opportunity for students to learn from the Fisher College of Business’s faculty, network with KeyBank executives, and collaborate with and challenge high-achieving business and engineering undergraduates. 

Flowers learned of the opportunity while completing an internship with KeyBank Investment banking over the summer. They encouraged him to apply and asked him to find another student who was qualified.

Turner jumped at the chance.

“I was fortunate enough for Anthony to tell me over break that he had this opportunity,” Turner said. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for networking, especially with graduation so close.”

During the three-day event November 14–17, students will be involved in a series of workshops focusing on leadership training, persuasive communication, creativity and the power of creative thinking, product innovation and new product development, spreadsheet management and analysis, and entrepreneurial theory and practice.

Flowers said it will be an honor to be representing Eberly College of Business at the event.

“When we go out in the world, a lot of people don’t know Indiana University of Pennsylvania,” Flowers said. “They make you stop at Indiana thinking it’s the one in the state of Indiana, and I want to make [IUP] known so we can say that with ease in the future.”

To attend the symposium, applicants had to be ethnically underrepresented students whose GPA was at least above a 3.0. They also had to complete an application and submit a resume, a transcript, and an essay about what they hope to learn from the program and why they wanted to attend.

Turner said he wrote his essay about the positive effects of being around like-minded individuals as a minority.

“I feel like the symposium will help us not only feed on other people’s information and what they’re bringing to the table, it will make you look deep down into yourself and bring out more ideas that you may have thought before, but didn’t want to voice,” Turner said.

Overall, both men look forward to the symposium and what it will offer them for their futures.

“I think we will be inspired by the great minds and the work ethic from the participants as well as the leaders that will be there,” Flowers said. “This will give us the inspiration to go out in our senior year, finish our degree, and find that next step in our career.”

Aleda Johnson