Dept of Food and Nutrition Develops Writing Plan for Majors

Posted on 10/8/2013 11:01:46 AM

The Department of Food and Nutrition is currently at work with the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program to develop a customized writing plan (CPW) for majors in their department tracks.  

This plan will demonstrate how writing is currently taught in Food and Nutrition courses, address gaps, and ensure that students get practice writing throughout their curriculum in order to meet writing challenges in advanced courses and in their career fields.  

CPWs are designed to make visible how writing is situated throughout a curriculum, and can assist faculty in any department to create a more meaningful relationship between the content they teach and the writing they assign.

“We are committed to ensuring that graduates from our department have all of the skills to be leaders in their careers; being able to write well is a key component of their current and future success. We want our students to feel confident that they can approach writing tasks with confidence now and in the future,” said Rita Johnson, chair of the Department of Food and Nutrition.

WAC director Bryna Siegel Finer explained, “All departments should want to develop a CWP.  It makes faculty aware of the sorts of writing tasks that are assigned in the courses taught by their colleagues, so they know if their assignments are scaffolded.  It helps with assessment, it looks great for accreditation and five-year department reviews, and most of all, it demonstrates an important commitment to IUP students.”

As the first department to develop a plan through WAC, Food and Nutrition is serving as a model for the rest of IUP in its commitment to improving students’ communication skills and increasing their potential for career success.

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