Cyber Security Tip

Posted on 10/4/2013 10:42:37 AM

From Facebook to eBay, we can do just about anything one could imagine online. Signing up takes seconds, and all it requires is a valid e-mail address!

We often ignore the important role that our e-mail account plays in the online world. In today’s world, e-mail is our virtual identity and key to accessing online services. In the event your e-mail becomes compromised, think of the various accounts you have connected to it. Within minutes, a hijacked mailbox can lead to your entire digital life being exposed. Bank records, Facebook posts, Twitter messages, pictures, documents, and anything else you store in your inbox could be stolen, leaked, or used for malicious purposes such as identity theft.

During National Cyber Security Awareness Month, take time out to clean up your inbox and establish good security practices such as changing your passwords often, and using strong passwords that include numbers, letters, and characters, as well as using unique passwords for linked accounts. Don’t fall victim to attacks on your virtual life—the impact on reality is real and potentially devastating.

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