New Materials Available in the Central Storeroom

Posted on 10/4/2013 9:18:31 AM

New items are being added to the Central Storeroom inventory as you, the customers, ask and need. We are here to provide you with the materials your office uses and needs the most.

If you find yourself ordering the same office supplies over and over and we do not stock them in the storeroom, please contact Michele at x74074 or Although we cannot carry every item for every person, we try to work with departments to identify and satisfy their needs.

Listed below are some of the newest materials added to our storeroom stock:

  • 21254 Wipes, Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner/Disinfectant
  • 21253 Pen, Ballpoint, Green, Medium Point w/cap
  • 21212 Cleaner, Desk and Office, 3M 15oz
  • Calendars - a variety of 2014 calendars are still available

We have a variety of materials you may need for the upcoming months such as tissues, antibacterial wipes, sprays, etc.

For a complete list of available materials, please refer to the materials list on SAP.

Also, please watch for future posts concerning Reservation training, refresher and storeroom services overview opportunities.

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