ALS Ph.D. Student Dembosky Publishes Peer Reviewed Article

Posted on 9/30/2013 3:00:49 PM

Jake DemboskyCurrent Administration and Leadership Studies Ph.D. student Jake Dembosky coauthored an article entitled “Does Naming the Focal Plan in a CAHPS Survey of Health Care Quality Affect Response Rates and Beneficiary Evaluations?” in the summer 2013 issue of Public Opinion Quarterly.

We asked Jake how he became involved in this project, and here is what he shared: “My job as a project associate at the RAND Corporation includes serving as both a project manager and member of the research team on a federally funded project to manage the implementation of surveys that measure various aspects of the health care experiences of Medicare beneficiaries. One of my responsibilities is to help write reports that summarize project activities and findings for the client (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), but my work on the project has also opened up opportunities to publish in the peer reviewed literature and reach a larger audience. I have a strong interest in peoples’ health care experiences and the ways in which what we learn about those experiences can inform public policy.”

Publishing in a peer reviewed journal is no easy task. For that reason, we asked Jake to give us some insight into what he learned in this process. Jake said, “I have been through the process of writing, submitting, and publishing an article for a peer reviewed journal a few times now. The process can definitely be challenging and require a lot of work. Targeting your article to the most appropriate journal takes some careful thought. I suggest becoming familiar with the various journals in your field, and getting to know which ones prefer topics and research methods that align closely with the particular article you’ve written. The process also requires persistence and patience, as a journal editor may ask you to revise and resubmit your article several times (in response to reviewers’ comments) before accepting it for publication. Finally, take the comments and recommendations of reviewers seriously. If your article is rejected, you can use reviewers’ comments to improve the article and submit it to a different journal.”

Congratulations to Jake and his team of authors on this major accomplishment. Best wishes for the completion of your Ph.D.!

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