Lunch and Learn Series Opens with “Game On: Learning with Video Games”

Posted on 9/3/2013 4:28:56 PM

This semester’s Lunch and Learn series at the Writing Center kicks off Friday, September 6, 2013, at 12:30 p.m. with “Game On: Learning with Video Games.” The Writing Center is located in Eicher Hall, room 218.

Doctoral students Bader Algubaisi (Composition and TESOL) and Ahmed Yousof (Communications Media and Instructional Technology) will team up to explore the theory and practice of learning language and culture through gaming.

Yousof won a prize at last year’s Education Without Borders conference for a proposal for HERO 1, an educational video game designed to teach English language and American culture to Arab students. The game is still under development.

“You can learn English by watching TV, but you can’t rely on that to learn the culture,” Yousof said. ”Why not have a video game that bridges language and culture?”

At the Lunch and Learn, Yousof will share screenshots and a trailer for the game as well as activities that will be used in the game.

Bader will discuss his video gaming experience and how that helped him learn English as a second language. He will share what current research says about video games and learning/literacy, the disconnect between learning and play, methods for using video games for second-language learners, and the challenges of using video games in the classroom.

“My experience with video games from a non-academic point of view comes from the fact that I have always played video games and still do on a daily basis,” he said. “This, however, changed to a more academic interest during a course on using technology to enhance literacy.”

This will be a presentation and discussion, so students and faculty are encouraged to come with questions or writing. Attendees are also welcome to bring a lunch to eat in the Writing Center during the discussion.