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Incoming First-Year Students Discover the Writing Center

Posted on 8/29/2013 4:05:54 PM

Approximately 700 incoming freshmen from the Class of 2017 visited the IUP Writing Center as part of their participation in the College Undergraduate Success Program (CUSP).

During their visit to the Writing Center, advanced undergraduate and graduate student tutors explained some of the expectations for college-level writing and how tutors in the Writing Center can help them with their writing assignments.

At the end of the tutors’ presentations, tutors asked students to recall what they learned in the workshop. Here’s what they had to say:

  • The main thing I learned is how important the purpose of your paper is to a discussion. It helps the editor to know what to look for. I also learned how reading a paper out loud can help you realize your mistakes. Finally, I learned the different uses of the Writing Center and how it’s extremely useful.
  • I learned that you can improve your writing a lot by getting a peer to review your writing and give you helpful tips. Also, when you’re writing you want to write something that will grab the reader’s attention and keep them interested in your writing rather than bore them.
  • I learned that you have many different tools around campus. I can come and get help for a paper at the Writing Center and in the Library Satellite Writing Center and from an online tutor. This will really help me with papers in the future.
  • I learned that the Writing Center can help me through the entire process of writing. I can come and work with a tutor whenever. I also learned that peer editing can be helpful if it is constructive and that you should follow good advice.
  • Great workshop about writing papers. It was very helpful to know that I can go to someone for help on a paper. I will definitely be coming to Eicher Hall for any writing help.
  • I learned that the Writing Center is a free service where trained people can meet with you and help you better your paper. They will go over one on one with you to discuss your paper and how to either fix it or start it. They also offer some help online as far as how to write grammar or other small things that you may not necessarily need to go and talk to someone about.

The CUSP experience includes enrollment in the one-credit course Introduction to Higher Education, workshops, seminars, a common reading experience, tours, and other informational and social activities. IUP offers the pre-college program to first-year students through the Department of Developmental Studies.

The IUP Writing Center is directed by Ben Rafoth, Distinguished University Professor and member of the Department of English. The Writing Center is located in 218 Eicher Hall.