Novak's Presentation Featured at National Council of Teachers Conference

Posted on 8/29/2013 8:33:42 AM

A session by Bruce Novak (assistant professor, Department of English) for the upcoming 2013 National Council of Teachers of English Convention in Boston was selected as one of the 15 featured sessions" from the over 700 at the conference, and from among thousands of submissions.

Session Abstract:

“The True ‘Common Core’: How Centering the Teaching of English on the Personal and Social Growth of Students Can Help Us Leverage the Common Core Standards toward Both Meaning and Achievement”

What does it mean to be a unique and truly alive human being in meaningful intercourse with others? This question lies at the heart of our profession, but how do we explicitly make it the heart of what happens in our classrooms? Come join us for a passionate dialogue on these questions! Along with teaching materials and a source of ongoing support, you’ll receive an understanding of how helping our students find the “whys” of their own and others’ lives can give them the energy to tackle whatever “hows” they are confronted with, in school, the workplace, or life.

Department of English