Travis Appointed to PAEE Certification Board

Posted on 8/21/2013 10:01:53 AM

Holly Travis, IUP Biology, has accepted a three-year appointment to the nine-member Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators (PAEE) certification board.

The board will oversee candidates for the Environmental Education Certification for Non-Formal Educators program recently developed for informal environmental educators. This board will implement and assess the program and evaluate candidates.

They will report to the PAEE Board of Directors, which serves as the certifying agent for Pennsylvania. When several candidates complete the program requirements, it will be evaluated by the North American Association of Environmental Educators for full accreditation, similar to the process currently in place for formal teacher preparation programs offered at IUP.

PAEE President Ruth Roperti expressed her appreciation for the leadership provided by Travis over the last two years in the development of the Environmental Education Certification for Non-Formal Educators program.

Her contributions and previous experience with the secondary science certification process and the development of assessments were instrumental in completing this project in a timely fashion.

According to Ed McCrea, chair of the PAEE Certification Leadership Team and president of Environmental Education and Conservation Global, Travis pulled together concepts and policies to guide development of the assessment process and explained needed steps to ensure rigorous and reliable assessment. At the same time, she worked on a second level to ensure that the program was inexpensive and easy to administer. (PAEE is a small, nonprofit education organization, and a complicated, expensive, assessment program would have been beyond its capabilities.)

Through numerous conference calls, meetings, and reports, Travis made sure the work produced was both highly professional and highly practical. PAEE is excited about the opportunities and recognition this new certification program will offer to non-formal educators throughout the state.

Department of Biology